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slipway the drawl explphilippe djegal es miscommunication between law-enforcement agencies led to his release. >> they stated that there were no other warnings allowed them to hold him. the d. a's office cannot be reached for a comment. they stated that the federal or arrest warrant has been issued with him and he is going to be charged with armed robbery. >> he has some connection is to oakland, antioch, and reno nevada. we're also looking for tips. >> they stated that he should be considered armed and dangerous. if you have any informational his whereabouts you should call police. >> a santa cruz county man has been found safe after he went missing. 20 year-old matthew abraham vanished from scotts valley last wednesday. if this is video of the library in utah where he was found. his son says that matthew seemed disoriented after crashing his mountain bike resorting in a head injury. abraham was apparently traveling with someone that he met on a bus. >> they ended up pairing up and traveling back tees where they ended up in salt lake city. in some point the missing person ended up at
law enforcement agencies joined forces in a "operation shoulder tap" it targets adults who purchase alcohol for anyone under the age of 21 years old. minors involved in the operation are closely watched by law enforcement. and if the adult fails to pass the test, you will find out what happens on kron >> and here you can see there'll be one way to pay period after this page. case life has the story. there is a map of these locations on the golden gate bridge web site. the locations of things like convenience stores gas stations. it shows you the menu of things you can do. you have funds your fasttrack account. if you want to pay cash for a trip over the bridge you can do to license plate. and how it crosses you wanna pay for. this is my receipt it tells me that i bought it today. it has my license plate number of my confirmation #how much it paid and reminds you it is good for 30 days. with some changes in store there's rain on the way it on tuesday and wednesday. >> thats kron4 news weekend for this sunday morning. i'm marty gonzalez. for all of us. thanks for watching. we'll see y
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2